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WALL-e Street Rapes? WALL-e Street Rapes?

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well Im glad to see your doing well

Im almost certain you fear change... its the only reason that you wouldnt be on their side... i mean honestly how many rapes do you think happen in central park every year, the answer is alot ......why only complain about this one? because bill o'riely and rush limbag said a protester raped her?.... now most of us in this country are suffering from this largely growing deficit.... and most of us are tring to fix this but right wing media keeps an electronic pacifier to the conservative public ...... and by supporting them you my friend are no better than the rapist tring to force your ideals when its obvious the majority sees before you write a strongly worded response go volunteer somewhere and talk to some of the people you meet and you tell them get a job...."well i didnt have one so i played video games.... ohh you say your family died of starvation when you lost yours?.... well im going to shut my stupid fuckin mouth now, huh?"

C-G-B responds:

You dont even sense make even

Raven TeenTitans Hentai 2 Raven TeenTitans Hentai 2

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That was Amazing I'm not that big of fan of Hentai but, that was the best I have seen on newgrounds. Next time make Starfire and Raven have a 3-Way.

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